Sunday, February 27, 2011

yippie skippie! PUBLISHED! and a finished project.....

Check out the March April issue of cloth paper scissors to read step into a story! Try your hand at making a pair of paper mache, graphic paper, and stitched shoes. My pattern is included right in the magazine.
I had so much fun creating the pieces and writing the article. The folks at Interweave are great to work with! So, for anyone out there still hesitating to submit work to their favorite publication, stop putting it off and just do it!

Last week's project is finished! I like the pocket detail made using a vintage embroidered linen napkin and covered button.  It also has "cookie" pocket that my sister Meri and I started adding to our clothes long, long ago.....                                      

This fun pullover top is adapted from a a pattern I bought in 1976!  I did have to make it "slightly" larger this time around, and I can't remember when I last bought a pattern for $1.75!
Happy stitching!


  1. Okay, so the overall size of the shirt has, well increased in size- why then does the cookie pocket appear to be even smaller than before. An optical illusion? Shouldn't the cookie pocket also increase in size? Just saying...

  2. Actually the cookie pocket is in proportion to the shirt, it's cut from the piece that's left from the neck facing! It will hold three small or one large cookie! :)