Thursday, October 10, 2013

paper, scissors, glue & friends!

The Wednesday tradition of making art with friends continues! We missed you Karen!

We looted my craft studio and Amanda brought lots of fun finds from the B&D Bargain Bin where second hand art and craft supplies abound with lots of other well used treasures perfect for creative re-purposing! In Amanda's latest contribution was a box of multimedia papers including some produced by a local artist. She also brought charming old photos found at an antique shop (scanned and re-printed for endless re-use). We all enjoyed snacks (thank you Nancy and Amanda) and got right to the fun!

I printed out a wonderful owl treat box template found on Pinterest and Amanda instantly had an idea for a different use for the template!

Amanda and Nancy in their stamping, cutting, gluing, multimedia glory!

The finished works below! Apologies in advance for my awful photos. I will have to have the girls send me better pics of their delightful creations. This is what comes of neglecting the photo shoot portion of the festivities until after dinner and a glass of wine!

All set out with past years' inspirational Halloween splendor!

Amanda's spooky multimedia boxes and mini tin!

Nancy's glittered candy corn tin and inspired trick-or-treat vignette box! 

My sister's vignette box from past years that inspired it!

My finished treat box "Antoine" the owl, aptly named by Amanda after she punched out some paper shapes from left over scraps and one little crown conveniently had "Antoine" neatly centered on it!

Just another reminder that we can be constantly inspired by the creativity around us! So get out there and wander the web, check out your local arts and crafts scene, ask your friends and family what they've been creating, and get your art on!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Secret Garden.......of 12 ducks

 The finished piece! 7 x 14 " over-dyed and painted linen, printed six duck block (x2) and embellished with over-dyed fabric yo yo's! The ducks were first printed with black ink, left to dry and then offset slightly and over-printed with white ink, hand coloured beaks and feet.
 work in progress....
 the block was cut from my favorite "Speedy-Carve" by Speedball, easy on the hands!
"jazzed-up" fabric circles for the yo yo's! I just used water colour paint. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That's why they call it a creative TEAM!

My friend Amanda getting our creative juices flowing with a quick flip through the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors!
OK, so we settled on a six by six mixed media challenge and it's off to the printing table to stamp on linen!
 All inked up!
 Happy mess!
Detail from Amanda's upcycled skirt!
 A surprise for Karen!
My favorite of Amanda's printing frenzy!

A day's labour of love! Let the mixed media begin!