Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

studio garden harvest

This has not been a gardening summer at our house because we are still trying to transform the mud lawn into a green lawn, much less any  planting of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  I did however manage to harvest some recycled fabric scraps to make a  pumpkin,  and added a homemade tag that reads "lucky find". 

Halloween Snippets

 An old favorite and some new friends tucked into a shadow box make a  fun Halloween display for Jackie and Reed's new apartment!
 A little crepe paper mixed with vintage graphics and topped off with a pipe cleaner handle!
 A thrift store mirror embellished with more crepe paper and some silly spooky stickers!
 A Martha Stewart owl invite template gone 3D on a crepe paper covered base!
Jackie's skelly marionette hangs out with his new friends! Reed likes to be chased around the house with this little laughing puppet!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

secret garden

When she first saw it, my baby sister Nancy thought this was a picture  of me! Silly girl, it is her standing by the flower beds of our childhood home. Of course it can't possibly be me, I was a very grown-up five year old when we moved there!

I am sending her this mixed media piece to remind her that as the oldest sister I am always (or almost always) right!