Saturday, December 18, 2010

reason number 947, why it is always a good idea to share........

Your craft stash, patterns, good ideas, your time.....
My sister Nancy's friend shared some out of date upholstery fabric samples with Nancy, which Nancy then shared with me. I stitched them up into a string pack, based on one my other sister Meri made for me long long ago! I am sending Nancy this one for Christmas. I like the way the grommets on the samples could be used for the string carriers on the bottom of the backpack. I posted the detail of Meri's string pack so you can see how she fashioned fabric carriers for the strings. Here's what you need to make your own!

two thirteen by eighteen inch pieces of fabric for the outside
two more same size for the lining
three and a half yards of rat tail or other narrow cord cut into two equal pieces
fabric scraps for pockets or applique, rubber stamps and ink pads, trims, what ever you want to embellish with!

I like to use my serger to sandwich the lining and the finished outside pieces together and then straight stitch the pieces right side together and then turn it rightside out. I fold over the top on the outside to make the casing and let the lining show on the right side. You will need to thread the rat tail both ways through each side to  make a draw string and tie off each piece to itself .  Bust out your fabric stash and make one for a friend. Or better yet....... swap some fabric with a friend and challenge each other to make a string pack!

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