Sunday, November 7, 2010

new and old, all fun... all the time!

Cool stuff you can make from recyled materials in your craft stash, just add some inexpensive puff stickers or crazerasers and have fun!

Supplies I used: an orange juice cap trimmed with pinking shears, a plastic stem piece from some old silk flowers I took apart and turned inside out (glued to an old button). The bottle cap pin has sheet music and a little poly clay turtle that was about to disinegrate before I permanently embalmed it in easy cast. Two important tips when working with the crazerasers; glue the larger parts together, and spray seal the entire piece so the smaller parts will not fall out (and to keep it from getting grungy).  Scrap On.... and have FUN!


  1. Hello, your blog is entertained and your art very nice and interesting.
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  2. hi gail, don't know if I asked you before but I was wondering what you use for your bottle cap bezels, I have used the resin but I always have trouble measuring it and they take too long to cure or never at all! Any advice??? I really love yours!!!