Monday, June 21, 2010

worried shoes

a special request for nancy..... who should never worry


  1. I have always been such a lucky kid. I have very fond memories of recieving great gifts from my sisters, most hand made. But, I have to admit these shoes mean a lot to me. They are inspired from a song on the Where the Wild Things Are. sound track. It is such a great song and since my sister and I went to the movie togther it makes it all the sweeter. I Love my sisters, wouldn't trade them for the world, and no you can not have them get your own!!!!!

  2. Hi Gail, I just joined ur blog. I love those sweet shoes; now I'll have to watch the movie. Been wanting to.....Did you decoupague the shoes with napkins?
    I cracked up and watched the strange, sweet people in your video - catchy music and so cute!
    I love the puppet doll too. I've enjoyed looking around.
    Take care,

  3. preciosos zapatos, tienen un toque muy romántico